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Hello, so i finally got rid of phpmygenealogy. It crashed a lot when dealing witth gedcom files with more than 70 people. So I just installed GeneWeb. Oddly it seems to have originated in france too. Its much more polished but i don't like the navigation of graphical family trees. It has everything and more that phpMyGenealogy but its better hidden. So here it is:

The Herro Family Tree.

  • To see graphical trees:
    1. Do a search by persosn for something like "herro". click on "surname" then click "ok"
    2. This will give you list of herro's. Click on one like "kalial herro".
    3. Then click on the descendants link.
    4. Then click on the tree index, and choose "to the fifth generation" from the pull down menu. Then click on ok.
    5. There you have a tree. It should look like this. You can do the same sort of searach to get ancestors or decendants for anyone. I haven't played around with it a lot yet so I'm not sure yet.